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Amplifier kit
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Categories: 2-5pin  6 pin  7 pin  8 pin  9 pin  10-14pin  CMC Socket  Teflon socket  Plate cap  

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TUR-82 1pc/Lot
Tube Retainer Clip 8pin Valve KT88 EL34 Audio Guitar Tube Amplifier Update

List Price$0.65   Price:$0.60   Save:$0.05

TUR-8 1pc/Lot
ube Retainer Clip For 8pin Valve KT88 EL34 Fenders Guitar Tube Amplifier

List Price$0.80   Price:$0.75   Save:$0.05

TU-MCZG 1pc/Lot
GOLD Plate Tube Anode Cap For 807 24A 310A 6146B Ceramic Socket Grip Plate

List Price$1.69   Price:$1.59   Save:$0.10

TU-MCZ 1pc/Lot
Tube Anode Caps 807 24A 310A Ceramic Socket

List Price$1.39   Price:$1.20   Save:$0.19

TU-MCXG 1pc/Lot
GOLD Tube Caps 6P13P 6Z18 1625 Ceramic Socket

List Price$2.80   Price:$2.50   Save:$0.30

TU-MCX 1pc/Lot
Tube Plate Anode Top Cap 6P13P 1625 6Z18 Ceramic Valve Socket Grip Cap 7.4mm

List Price$1.59   Price:$1.39   Save:$0.20

TU-MCVG 1pc/Lot
GOLD Tube Anode Caps EF37 EF39 12E1 FU519 EL504 Ceramic Socket

List Price$2.25   Price:$1.99   Save:$0.26

TU-MCV 1pc/Lot
Tube Plate Anode Cap EF37 EF39 12E1 6K7 6J7 6B8 6F5 6F8 Ceramic Socket 1/4"

List Price$1.59   Price:$1.39   Save:$0.20

TU-MCDG 1pc/Lot
GOLD Tube Caps 811 805 572B 813 Ceramic Socket

List Price$3.20   Price:$3.00   Save:$0.20

TU-MCD 1pc/Lot
Tube Plate Anode Top Cap 3B28 572B 811A 813 866A 872A Ceramic Socket 9/16"

List Price$1.69   Price:$1.49   Save:$0.20

TUC-FU29 1pc/Lot
Ceramic Vacuum Tube Socket Anode Cap FU29 829 829B GU32 832 FU32 Valve

List Price$0.68   Price:$0.58   Save:$0.10

TU9T-60 1pc/Lot
Vacuum Tube Retainer 9Pin Spring Holder 60mm For EL84 Valve

List Price$0.70   Price:$0.60   Save:$0.10

TU9T-50 1pc/Lot
Vacuum Tube Retainer 9Pin Spring Holder 60mm For EL84 Valve

List Price$0.50   Price:$0.35   Save:$0.15

TU-EL34R-B 1pc/Lot
Tube Retainer Clip For 8pin Valve 5881 EL34 6L6

List Price$1.20   Price:$0.80   Save:$0.40

4Pin Tube Base GOLD Ceramic Socket U4A 300B

List Price$2.00   Price:$1.75   Save:$0.25

TUC9T-40 1pc/Lot
Tube Retainer Holder 9pin Valve 12AX7 12AU7 12AT7 ECC82

List Price$1.20   Price:$1.00   Save:$0.20

TUC-6N8 1pc/Lot
Tube Base 8 Pin Socket Gold Plated EL34 6550 6N8P

List Price$5.50   Price:$5.00   Save:$0.50

TUC-300BR 1pc/Lot
4Pin Tube Base Bakelite Socket U4A 300B 2A3 Triode Valve DIY Repair

List Price$1.50   Price:$1.20   Save:$0.30

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