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Amplifier kit
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TUS14-A Solder Tube Socket B14A CRT/PMT

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Categories: 2-5pin  6 pin  7 pin  8 pin  9 pin  10-14pin  CMC Socket  Teflon socket  Plate cap  adapter  

Brands: K&D  

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TUS14-B 14pin PMT Tube Socket PCB
14Pin Tube Socket PCB

List Price$9.99   Price:$6.50   Save:$3.49

TUC13-F 13pin Ceramic Tube Socket
13Pin Tube Socket

List Price$3.50   Price:$2.00   Save:$1.50

TUS10-1F 10pin Plastic Tubes Socket

List Price$3.50   Price:$1.50   Save:$2.00

TUC10-C-Y 10pin Ceramic Tubes Socket PCB

List Price$3.00   Price:$1.30   Save:$1.70

TUC10-C-1 10pin Ceramic Tubes Socket

List Price$3.00   Price:$1.60   Save:$1.40

TUC14-F 14pin PMT Ceramic Tube Socket
14Pin Tube Socket

List Price$12.00   Price:$8.00   Save:$4.00

TUS-Y10G 1pc/Lot
EL156 EL12 EYY13 EF14 AZ12 Gold 10 Pin Tube Socket

List Price$3.99   Price:$3.79   Save:$0.20

TUS10-Y EF12 10Pin Tube Socket
EL156 EL12 EYY13 EF14 AZ12 VF14 EF12 10Pin Tube Socket Chassis Mount

List Price$2.25   Price:$1.99   Save:$0.26

TUS14-Y 14Pin Diheptal PCB Tube Socket
14Pin Diheptal PCB Tube Socket B14A for CRT/PMT

List Price$12.90   Price:$11.90   Save:$1.00

TUS14-A Solder Tube Socket B14A CRT/PMT
14Pin Diheptal Solder Tube Socket B14A CRT/PMT

List Price$13.99   Price:$11.90   Save:$2.09

TUC12-F-G 1pc/Lot
Ceramic Tube Socket Gold 12Pin DG7-32 CRT PMT 5UP1 Valve B12A Base

List Price$7.50   Price:$6.99   Save:$0.51

TUC12-Y 1pc/lot
For 12pins 9MN8,8AC9,8CB11,6GE5,8CS7,8GU7,6EA4.....
PCB Mounting

List Price$2.30   Price:$2.00   Save:$0.30

TUC12-F 1pc/lot
Mounting distance 44mm, chassis hole approx 38mm
B12A base

List Price$5.50   Price:$4.75   Save:$0.75

TUC10-B 1pc/lot
Screw Mounting Hole distance 50mm
Chassis hole more than 35mm

List Price$8.50   Price:$7.50   Save:$1.00

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